iCork Floor LLC is one of the country's leading cork flooring suppliers. We help builders, architects, designers and homeowners enjoy the benefits of buying from the distributer. We eliminate the costly extras of going through a middleman. The Forna brand has undergone extensive testing to ensure CARB II and European standards are up-held.

We have sourced the Printed Cork from one of the most reputable flooring manufacturers in Europe. We deliver high end cork flooring to the end user – for a fraction of the cost of retail.

iCork Floor is one of the last suppliers of glue down cork flooring tiles in North America. Along with our sister-company, Cancork Floor, in Canada, we believe the best quality cork floor is a glue in place floor. We continue to produce this amazing product because of its quality and longevity.

iCork Floor LLC: Where Quality Meets Affordability.